Monday, January 20, 2014

Eggs By The Forklift-full

What do you mean, this is a bad idea?

I’ve never really thought of myself as petty. I never imagined I was the type to want to go to Costco, buy their largest flat of eggs, google-map a stranger’s house (with street-view of course) and throw the whole flat of said eggs at that stranger’s google-mapped front door…
But, here we are.
I got a “meh” review the other day. And as I stated above, chickens from the tri-county area were put on notice to start peak production- I had a crazy urge to hunt this person (or at least their front door) DOWN! Cooler heads prevailed (i.e. my husband reminding me that eggs can get expensive when you are buying them by the forklift-full), but it was still an uncomfortable experience. Since when have I ever had perfect strangers rate me on a daily basis? Last time I checked, I’m not on Tinder (look it up, old people).
This little experience taught me a few very important things:
-          - I have some aggressive tendencies I didn’t know existed. It might be fun to explore that…
-          - I am still here. I got a ho-hum review and I kept on existing. This actually means that a bad review really isn’t the end of the world. I sort of thought it would be.
-I am out there in the marketplace. I did enough marketing and interviews in the right places that a random stranger at least tried my book. I’m counting that as a win.
So here I am, toughening up, learning, building, ugh, character. Boy, do I ever hate building character. It never includes cupcakes.  


  1. LMBO!!! I can just picture you stomping around and yelling like a drill sergeant at the poor chickens to step up production IMMEDIATELY! Yeah ... when you put yourself out there, you learn to toughen up, quick. One 'meh' review does NOT counteract all the FANTASTIC reviews you've received so take it in stride darlin' and keep on truckin! Love ya!

  2. Oh come now, if you are asking for a review you must be prepared for that review. Not a very professional post. It seems more playful at the end but if you want to work in the professional world you can't seek revenge on those who don't love your work.

  3. Right! And that is the conclusion I (very playfully) came to at the end of the post. That is actually the point of the post. I'm out there, come what may. :)

  4. I would go as far as to say anyone who doesn't have a similar reaction internally to their first ho-hum review is not being totally honest. I'm just saying it out loud, and then showing what I learned from the experience- how to toughen up and be better on the other side.

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