Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bad brain! Bad!

I just had a new baby a month ago. Life has been crazy to say the very least with a three-year old and a newborn. So you can imagine my disappointment when I finally get my husband to stay home with the boys so I can go running and plan the next few chapters of my book, and my brain decides it has absolutely no intention of planning anything.
Actual transcript of me on my run:
Ok, so the hero comes and...
Ugh, I can't believe Mark McGrath got kicked off of Celebrity Apprentice before Gary Busey. That guy's a total nut job!
Anyway, the hero comes and...
Huh, I wonder how long it's gonna take to fit back into my regular clothes if I keep running 3 times a week...
Hey! Focus! The hero...
Did I forget to pay the water bill yesterday?
Yes, I probably forgot. So the hero comes and...
How many cookies can I eat without undoing all the work I am doing on this run? What if I just eat the chocolate chips and not the actual cookie?
Ok, I give up. No book planning today.
This was a pretty bad case of misbehaving brain. I'll chalk it up to the sleep deprivation. I am hoping for a good night's sleep soon so my head starts waxing literary again. Either that or I hope my sleep-deprived hallucinations start making for good story additions.


  1. SO been there before. Congrats on the baby by the way!

  2. You are my new favorite blogger! Love it because I can definitely relate. Mine are almost 3 yrs and 4 months old and mommy brain has gotten worse this time around. We'll get around it somehow... right? haha

  3. Thanks J! Glad you found me! I'm even more glad to know there are moms out there who are going through the same thing. :)