Thursday, April 28, 2011

Manuscript Preschool

Me: So, Husband/Mom/Dad/Best Friend who-know-nothing-about-writing-but-are-the-only-people-I-trust-enough-to-show-my-manuscript-to, how did you like the story?
Them: It was awesome! I loved it!
Me: Great! So, do you have any feedback for me?
Them: Nope.
Me: Really? Some feedback would really help to strengthen the story...
Them: Nope. It was great.
Me: Please? Pretty please?

The conclusion: Giving your manuscript to someone who, A. is too close to you to be objective and, B. doesn’t know much about the writing process has NOT been helpful (ego-boost from all their positive comments aside...) So I decided to get my nerve up and join a critique group. I was matched up with another author and we traded manuscripts over email.

I loaded my little manuscript and with great trepidation, I hit send and it was whisked away from me into cyberspace.

It was kinda like dropping my little boy off at preschool for the first time. Is my little manuscript going to make friends? Is it going to get picked on? Is this stranger going to absolutely hate it and kick it in the mud on the literary playground?

So I am sitting here, waiting to hear back from this stranger (who is MUCH more qualified to read a manuscript being an author herself) to see what she has to say. As a mother of a manuscript, this is scary stuff.

So, good luck out there little manuscript. Be good! For the love of all that is holy, PLEASE be good!

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