Thursday, November 17, 2011

History (even the European kind) Repeats Itself

In the 16th century, Priest and theologian Martin Luther, growing tired of the hypocrisy and indulgences he saw rampant in the establishment, nailed his complaints to the front door of Castle Church of Wittenberg for everyone to see. This act caused widespread upheaval and finally reformation, forever changing the course of Christianity.

Let it never be said that I didn’t learn anything in A.P. European history.

I have a slightly interested editor (can I get an AMEN?). She likes the overall idea of my book but wants to see some big overhauls to the meat and potatoes of the story before she thinks it is publishable.

The problem? Much like the lazy Catholic church of the 1500’s, I am a little stuck in my ways. My words, my storyline, they all look okay to me.

The solution? Be Martin Luther.

I’ve made a list of everything that needs to change. It’s posted on my wall. I’m ripping my story to shreds, burning it down, and see what rises up from the ashes. Nothing is sacred. The chapters are getting reordered, new storylines are being added, even some character names are changing.

There can’t be reformation without major upheaval first. Here's to upheaval!