Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Top Ten List

Top ten things to do while you wait to hear back from a publisher about your submission:
10. Check your email...every ten minutes- hey, just because your answer didn't come ten minutes ago, doesn't mean it isn't there now...right?
9. Read...and try not to get too jealous that the book you are reading got published when yours is at least 10 times better that it and you keep getting rejections. Where's the justice?
8. Relax- yeah, right.
7. Clean the house- there's something about scrubbing a toilet that kind of resets your brain.
6. Query, query, and query some more.
5. Contemplate self-publishing...again...and then talk yourself out of it...again.
4. Stalk the mailman...and then try not to scream at him for not having your publishing contract in his hand.
3.  Daydream about finding your name at the top of the New York Times Bestseller list.
2. Daydream about finally paying off your student loans from your massive royalty checks that just keep showing up in the mail.
1. Shake off the frustration of not hearing anything today and get ready for tomorrow- hope springs eternal.