Thursday, October 4, 2012

Death of a Bookstore

Remember the movie, “You’ve got Mail”? Meg Ryan, the cute and perky owner of a small bookstore wages a pointless war against the big-box bookstore and eventually loses. She gained Tom Hanks in the end, and though he’s NO Chris Helmsworth, she seems happy. But I digress.  

The only bookstore in my city has become a Staples. That in and of itself is fifty shades of sad. And it got me wondering. If Hollywood was to do a “You’ve Got Mail 2”, where would we find Joe Fox, the big-box bookstore owner? 

Because the world of online books has literally exploded in the last few years, he would probably be fixing to close many of the same stores that put the little mom and pop shops out of business just ten years earlier.  Dare I say, Fox books might even be heading toward bankruptcy and Mr. Fox himself would be looking into to taking a senior management position at…Staples?

I loathe that my bookstore is gone. I sit with the horse and buggy bunch, constantly cursing both and the Model T. But as an author in this brave new world of books, just as the buggy makers, I have to innovate along with the times or be left in the dust. 

My first novel is coming out as an e-book and Print-on-demand from Amazon, no bookstore necessary- since there’s really not many even around anymore. I’m lucky enough to have a publisher who is reading the market and staying slightly ahead of the curve since the publishing world is changing so quickly. Facebook advertising, website book-tours, the world of traditional publishing is dying a little more every day.

So, we say one final adieu to the old ways of publishing. You’ll find me reminiscing fondly about the smell and sights of the good ol’ bookstore, but bravely marching forward into the new world of publishing, and there's nothing traditional about it.