Monday, June 17, 2013

Things are about to get real...

I should be looking forward to August. 

Don’t get me wrong, it is going to be great for a lot of reasons. But August is really starting to scare the proverbial pants off me. Don’t worry, my real pants aren’t going anywhere.  
 10 years awesome

August will mark my husband’s and my 10 year anniversary. 10 blissful years of sunshine and butterflies and absolutely no frustration or craziness ever… sure, let’s go with that… Together, we’ve done one Master’s degree, one doctorate, three moves, two kids, one miscarriage, breast cancer and a whole lot of work. All joking aside, it is a big thing in our little family’s life and we are excited to reach that milestone together.

August will also be my last round of chemotherapy. This is definitely a “let’s rent an entire cruise ship, fill it with everyone we know and hire Aerosmith, Britney Spears and every boy band from the late 90’s to perform for us as we sail around the world in celebration” kind of deal (can you tell I’m a mom and have no idea who is cool in music right now? Like, who the crap is 2 Chainz and why are we letting him be famous?). But I am also a little afraid to walk away from chemo. There is something comforting about having cancer poison coursing through your veins even though the effects are ill indeed. When it stops, your body is left back to its own devices. You know, the kind of devices that grew the cancer in the first place. I’ve got mixed feelings about the end, which makes it a little less exciting to be done with chemo.
Rockin' some polka-dots

“And last, but certainly not least, my book releases in August,” she said with a forced grin, the fear and trepidation plain in her eyes. Yes, I’m starting to freak out. Having a book about to be published is loads of fun. It is a pinch glamorous and really exciting to talk about.  But then people read it. And the reviews start coming in. And that is when things get real. You lay bare your soul and hope the general public doesn’t laugh at your poor soul running around naked.

Maybe my publisher will let me write, “I am just getting over cancer, please wait to post all negative reviews until the New Year,” on the front cover of every copy sold.

Whether I’m ready or not, August is a-coming.  And things are about to get real…

Also, people have been inquiring about the book site: